Withings Steel HR Sport Smart Watch (Black/Black)
Withings Steel HR Sport Smart Watch (Black/Black)
Withings Steel HR Sport Smart Watch (Black/Black)
Withings Steel HR Sport Smart Watch (Black/Black)

Withings Steel HR Sport Smart Watch (Black/Black)

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"The Withings Steel HR may be on the expensive side of fitness tracking, but it has a gorgeous design and could be a great choice if you don't want a normal fitness tracker" - TECHRADAR

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Connected GPS
  • Fitness level assessment via VO2 Max estimation

"A hybrid watch with heart"


Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch dedicated to your workout and perfect for everyday life.

During workouts, this sleek device tracks continuous heart rate with time spent in HR zones (peak, intense, moderate, light) for over 30 activities at the press of a button with distance, elevation and pace via connected GPS. To help optimize training, Steel HR Sport also assesses your Fitness Level when running based on VO2 Max estimation.

VO2 Max is a measure of your cardiovascular strength that reflects your body’s ability to convert oxygen into energy during exercise. The higher your score, the more fit you are. The watch also tracks HR throughout the day.

Worn at night, Steel HR Sport provides sleep tracking with a Sleep Score, light & deep sleep plus overnight heart rate. To help you know where you stand at any time, Steel HR Sport features a stylish sub-dial to view daily steps at a glance, while also offering a dynamic digital screen that displays a wealth of data, including heart rate, distance and calories burned, plus a full range of smartphone notifications with previews. All data syncs automatically with the free Health Mate app, where you can set goals, view trends, and find extra motivation every step of the way.

And to help you keep moving, Steel HR Sport features a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days—all housed inside a durable water-resistant sport watch, making it perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office to a night out.

Key Features

Heart rate monitoring
track heart rate continuously during workouts to optimize training, and monitor daily and overnight heart rate to help improve health over time.

Multi-sport tracking
choose from over 30 activities and initiate workout mode directly from your wrist.

Connected GPS
launch a running, biking or walking session to have post-workout access to a map of your path plus distance, pace, and elevation.

Fitness Level
assesses your cardiovascular fitness while running based on V02 Max estimation.

Sleep analysis
delivers a Sleep Score based on your light and deep sleep cycles, sleep duration & wake-ups. Set a silent vibrating alarm and set Smart Wake-Up to wake at the optimal point in your sleep cycle.

Smart notifications
customize alerts to receive vibration plus preview of text messages, calls, events and apps right on the watch screen.

24/7 activity tracking
automatically tracks walk, run, swim, sleep, distance & calories burned.

Health Mate app
automatically synchronizes with the free app available for Android and iOS, where you can view trends, gain insights & find extra motivation with badges and programs.

Water resistant 
up to 50m (5 ATM).

Battery life
up to 25 days in normal use Up to 5 days in workout mode +20 additional days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only).