Fitbit Inspire HR (Black) - iChameleon
Fitbit Inspire HR (Black) - iChameleon

Fitbit Inspire HR (Black)

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"Inspiration to get off the sofa" - TECHRADAR

  • Up to 5 day battery life
  • 24/7 heart rate
  • Swimproof+ swim tracking
  • Automatic exercise recognition

This latest tracker is more affordable than the fitness bands it replaces within Fitbit's range and it comes sporting more tech than those older products too. Everything works well here and it's a great option if you're looking to start tracking your fitness journey.


    Fitbit Inspire HR is a friendly heart rate & fitness tracker for every day that helps you build healthy habits. This encouraging companion motivates you to reach your health, weight and fitness goals and even enjoy the journey with 24/7 heart rate, workout features, calorie burn tracking, goal celebrations, sleep stages and up to 5 day battery life.

    Key Features

    24/7 heart rate
    24/7 heart rate helps you maximise your exercise sessions, see heart rate zones, see sleep stages and better track calorie burn.

    Resting heart rate 
    Wear Fitbit Inspire HR all day and night to record your resting heart rate and track heart rate over time.

    Heart rate zones  
    Recognise your Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak heart rate zones to optimise each of your workouts with just the right amount of effort.

    Cardio fitness level  
    Use Inspire HR with your Fitbit app to get your Cardio Fitness Score—a snapshot of how fit you are—plus tips to improve.

    Sleep stages 
    Inspire HR and your app show you how much light, deep and REM sleep you get and provide pointers that can help improve sleep quality.

    All-day activity 
    Every part of your day impacts your goals, so Fitbit Inspire HR tracks all-day steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned.

    Automatic exercise recognition
    Inspire HR uses SmartTrack to automatically recognise workouts like walks, runs, swims, bike rides and more, then records them for you in the Fitbit app.

    Swimproof+ swim tracking 
    Swimproof, so you can wear Inspire HR in the shower, pool and beyond.** Plus, it automatically tracks how long you’re swimming.

    Up to 5 day battery life
    With a battery life of 5 days, Fitbit Inspire HR keeps the inspiration coming day and night. Varies with use and other factors.

    Real-time pace & distance 
    Connect Inspire HR to your phone’s GPS to see real-time pace and distance on your wrist during walks, jogs, hikes and bike rides.

    15+ goal-based exercise modes 
    Choose from exercises like Bike, Run and Yoga & set targets for calorie burn, distance or time to get real-time updates when you reach each goal.

    Guided breathing sessions 
    Fitbit Inspire HR helps you find moments of calm throughout your day with personalised guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

    On-screen dashboard
    An easy-to-use dashboard tracks steps & calories burned, encourages you to get active, hydrate & more right on your wrist. 

    All-day calorie burn
    Check Inspire HR or the Fitbit app to see how many calories you’re burning throughout the day so you can keep your nutrition on track.

    Food logging
    Make the most of the app by logging your meals and comparing calories eaten to calories burned as you go for your goals.

    Stay connected on the go with updates from social media apps and call, calendar and text alerts. Available on-device when your phone is nearby.

    Timer & stopwatch
    Instant access to tools that make your life easier—like a timer for when you cook healthy meals & a stopwatch for tracking sets at the gym.

    Sleep tracking 
    Understand your rest to improve it with automatic sleep tracking and silent alarms on your wrist & bedtime reminders and helpful tips in the app.

    Intuitive touchscreen display 
    The Inspire HR touchscreen has a backlit OLED display and responds to natural swiping and scrolling.

    Female health tracking
    Understand your body on a deeper level by using your tracker with the Fitbit app to follow your cycle, record symptoms and more.

    Reminders to move
    Get friendly reminders that encourage you to stretch your legs and take 250 steps every hour—and get recognition when you hit that 250!

    Clock faces
    Customise Inspire HR with lots of clock faces options, like a helpful stats clock face for workouts or a polished clock face for work.

    Wireless sync
    Fitbit Inspire HR automatically connects to 200+ Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices to give you a cohesive view of your progress dashboard.

    Fashion forward
    Fitbit Inspire HR is lightweight with comfortable silicone and stylish with a sleek appearance that blends seamlessly with the jewellery you already love to wear.

    Bands & accessories 
    Wear them your way by switching out the classic band for accessories with fun patterns, sophisticated metal mesh or premium Horween® leather. Sold separately.

    *Battery life varies based on use and other factors
    **Water resistant to 50M