Prif Long Life Battery Pack (PS4)

Prif Long Life Battery Pack (PS4)

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"An absolute must for any Gamer" - PETETHEGEEK

  • Compact and streamlined design 
  • Over 20 hours of extra gaming
  • Charges in less than 3 hours
  • Will charge internal PS4 Controller battery

Every Gamer has found themselves caught out at that pivotal moment in a Game and the controller suddenly dies. "Oh, noooo" they scream. Thanks to Prif, that moment is now a thing of the past

Prif introduces an innovative charging solution for PS4 controllers. Contoured to match the lines of the underside of the PS4 official controller this power bank has the same finishes as that pad. With a 1200mA battery this power pack provides over 20 hours of gameplay and yet charges in only 2.5 hours. It's sleek design and low weight means it does not interfere the gamers hands whilst playing nor upset the balance of the controller.