SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS (Red) - iChameleon
SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS (Red) - iChameleon
SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS (Red) - iChameleon
SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS (Red) - iChameleon

SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch with Phone and GPS (Red)

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"Aussie parents who want to stay in touch with their kids but don’t want to give them a mobile phone are looking for alternatives — and the growing trend is helping turn around the fortunes of a local tech company." - NEWS.COM.AU

  • Phone, SMS, location and SOS alerts
  • Parental controls, school mode & step counter
  • Social media free

The product is aimed at five to 12-year-olds as a stepping stone to a smartphone. Improvements in connectivity, security and durability have helped it grow in popularity in the burgeoning wearables market since it launched in 2017.

Smart watches let parents stay in touch while avoiding pitfalls of phones


Knowing your kids are safe. There's no better feeling.
It's a fact - modern families are busier than ever. Changes to our schedules and school pick-up plans mean parents and kids need to be in constant contact. SPACETALK is an all-in-one phone, watch and GPS that’s always with your child. Stay conveniently connected to your kids by voice and SMS and relax knowing that they can only make and receive calls to the contacts you decide.

Safety and security of young children is paramount. SPACETALK has an integrated SOS function that can be customised to call a sequence of contacts and local authorities in an emergency.  No access to social media or the internet allows kids to be distraction free, and keeps parents worry free.

Using the AllMyTribe app parents can request location on demand, view location history, set safe contacts, reminders, safe zones and more.  A small monthly subscription is required to use the AllMyTribe app.

Designed in Australia for Australian kids, SPACETALK complies with all mandatory Australian standards, privacy laws and proudly carries the regulatory compliance mark to prove it.

Missed the bus?  Late for school?  Running late?  You can now have peace of mind knowing where your kids are, and they are just a phone call or SMS away.

Key Features

3G Phone (2 way)*
Make and receive phone calls to and from a set of parent controlled contact numbers.

SMS Messaging*
SMS messages can be sent and received from contacts you allow through the app.

GPS Tracking*
Parents can view their child's location on demand and location history using the AllMyTribe app.

AllMyTribe app*
Available for iOS and Android, allows parents to control all your devices in one easy to use app.

Social Media Free
SPACETALK is asmart phone with no open access to the internet, and no social media apps to distract them from the real world.

School Mode
Silence SPACETALK during class to avoid distracting your child and others.

Reward Stars
Take your star chart off the fridge and move it on to the AllMyTribe App. Set up a reward and send stars to your child’s SPACETALK to encourage positive behaviour anytime, anywhere!

Realtime weather information can now be viewed on the location screen of the AllMyTribe App. Simply tap the weather icon to view live and forecast information, at your child’s location. The weather feature can also be viewed by your child on their SPACETALK.

High Security
Your privacy and security areassured. All data is hosted in Australia in highly secure data centres.

SOS Alerts
A dedicated SOS alert button can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities.

Safe Places
Safe zones can be setup with customisable alerts to inform you when your child arrives and departs these zones.

24 Hour Battery
Actual battery life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. Overnight charging is recommended.

Step Counter
An integrated fitness tracker with voice feedback monitors your child's physical activity.

Alarm Clock
Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt your child enabling them to become more responsible.

The Stopwatch function comes with a laptimer,so your child can measure their progress for training and competitions.

Turn on the Torch and SPACETALK emits a bright light, enough for your child to find their way around in a dark room.

Water Resistant
SPACETALK is dust, splash and water resistant but not swim proof. Tested to IP54.