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Talon TV & Media Remote for Xbox One

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"Cord-cutters who want a great remote-control experience with the Xbox One should get the PDP Talon Media Remote for all their movie and TV needs" - WINDOWS CENTRAL

  • Includes 2 Battery Packs
  • Fast Charging Supported
  • Compatible with Xbox One X/S/One

Access all your favourite movies, TV shows, music and videos simply and quickly on your Xbox One, and take complete control of your TV's channel and volume.

    • Easily control your Xbox One system
    • Works with Blu-ray and streaming media applications
    • Motion activated backlit buttons
    • Complete control of channel and volume for your TV
    • Soft rubberised texture with D-pad and A,B,X,Y button control
    • 2 AAA batteries included
    • No setup required